FERAL festival vol. 3 : PROGRAM 


 Thursday FEB 16th : E V O L U T I O N 18+

19.10 Autocannibal  :  Masha Terentieva and Mitch Jones (12 min)  

             Shortfilm in cinema

 19.30 HOMAN : Collectif Malunés (BE)  

Contemporary circus

20.30 No Magic :  Circusography (3 min) 

            Shortfilm in cinema

20.30 Low standards :  Milla Lahtinen (FIN)

           exhibition opening (stays until the and of the revolution)


21.00 Grim Engel : Kompagni47 (DK) 

Dance performance

21.30 Drip Drop Dead : David Eriksson (SE)  


21.30  A Domestic Apocalypse :  My!Laika (1h) 

            Shortfilm in cinema

22.30 Neurological Offbeat : Sly&Karol (DK/SE/PL)  

Work in Progress

22.45 Drama : Flor Mata (FR)  


23.15 EXTERIOR : Mystical Alliance (DK)  

 Work in Progress

23.45 (Un)limited Liability of a Physical Concert : Phonophobia (FIN/IT)  

Performance Concert

friday FEB 17TH : re V O L U T I O N 18+ 


19.30 V : Viivi Roiha (FIN/FR)

Work in Progress

20.00 To Languish [verb] : Yaniv Shem Tov (IL)  

Work in Progress

20.15 Drip Drop Dead : David Eriksson (SE)  


20.30 Hos Gynækologen vol 1BDE : Frida Retz Bedside Productions (DK)

            Shortfilm in cinema  

21.00 Happy : Cirque Desole (FR)  

Contemporary circus

22.30 Muscle Pain : Galapiat Cirque (FR)  

Work in Progress

23.00  House of St. Laurent / Berlin  (DE)

Pop up Performances

23.10  Hos Gynækologen vol 1BDE : Frida Retz Bedside Productions (DK)

            Shortfilm in cinema 

23.30 No Magic : No Magic (GR/NO/US)

Work in Progress

23.45 REVOLT : MØR (DK) 

Performance Concert


Saturday Feb 18th : Feral ball  18+


The New World Edition 



18.00 Doors open 


The collaboration between Beck 007 and Feral Festival continues. First, we had the Circus Ball in 2020, then the Mystic Ball in 2021, and on this 3rd edition of Feral Festival, we will go through the Evolution (Day 1 of the festival), then the Revolution (Day 2 of the festival) and on the 3rd day we will celebrate and enter the NEW WORLD with a ball!


Organizer: Beck 007


DJ: Loffe Beats


MC: Typhoon




International Icon Archie Ninja


Legendary Spyder


Amber Vineyard


Legendary Mother Leo st. Laurent


Diva Maiyake Mugler


This ball counts for Scandinavian OTY awards


Categories for the ball




Beginner’s performance OTA – 1 trophy


Like a true teenager – you are always pushing the boundaries for new styles, and the revolution is nothing without some good riot looks. Tonight we want to see that you came directly from fighting the good fight, but still ready to party in the new world. 


Classic Performance OTA – 1 trophy


Without a revolution, there wouldn’t be The New World. Therefore we look back and pay homage to the ones that revolutionized the performance category. We want to see Pop Dip and Spin, The New Way of Vogue, Voguing Like a Fem Queen. Let’s bring performance back to the classic ways.


Pop, Dip, and Spin examples: Ronald Lamay Milan, Ira Aphrodite, Jason Ovahness, Tim Princess, Selvin Mizrahi and Jamal Milan.


The New Way of Vogue examples: Willi Ninja, Jose Xtravaganza, Jose Revlon, Jerome Pendavis, Stan Milan, Aviance, Andre Mizrahi, Lamar Ebony, Otis Gigli and John Ebony.


Voguing like a Fem Queen examples: Kristina, Alyssa Laperla, Sinia Alaïa, Yolanda and Ashley Icon. This category will provide you with CLASSIC beats only. We want to see you in a classic performance look: jeans and a cute top. Think Clubhouse!




MF Vogue Fem (BQ vs Transmen vs RWT) – 4 trophies


In the new world species are intermingling, and humans and all animals live together in harmony creating new species. Come as a cross between two or more animals – e.g. a bunny tail and pig snout


FF Vogue Fem (Drags vs FQ vs CisWoman) – 4 trophies


Its the matriarchy we have been waiting for. Mothers and daughters are the rulers of the world. Come in an outfit worthy of a queen. Be regal but still cunt!


Pop Dip and Spin OTA – 1 trophy


You are the mad scientist, that predicted the climate revolution that made this new world. Show us that even though you’re mad – you are still precise. Lab coat mandatory


New Way OTA – 1 trophy


Robots are here and they are here to stay! They helped with the revolution and are helping building the new world with their limber and stretchy bodies and many extra abilities. Tonight come in a robotic inspired all white outfit.


 Arms Control OTA – 1 trophy


Bodies are becoming smarter and smarter on their own, and after having cracked the code to the octopus’ intelligence, some humans now also have arms with brains of their own. But the futuristic octopussy-arms are made of metal so take inspiration from Alfred Molina’s version of Doctor Octopus.


Hands Performance OTA – 1 trophy


Bodies are becoming smarter and smarter on their own – and several people have hands with a mind of their own. So tell us the story of your hands inspired by the first individual hand from our time: “Thing” from the Addams family. Dress code: All black of course


Lip Sync Production OTA – 1 trophy


Show us what the new world looks like to you! You will be choosing the song, production and outfits yourself. But it has to be obvious on theme. You will only be judged on your production, which means no battles!


Send your name and track to beck.heiberg@gmail.com latest 5 days before the ball – production length max 3 minutes







MF European Runway – 1 trophy


FF European Runway – 1 trophy


All American Runway OTA – 1 trophy



Beginner’s Runway OTA – 1 trophy


In the New World, no new clothes are made, but everything is repurposed and put together in fashionable combinations. Tonight come in your most fab upcycled second-hand outfit. We need to see if there have been alterations made.


Designer’s Delight OTA


The meeting of worlds. After the revolution, we gained contact with other civilizations in space. This has inspired fashion on earth. We want to see this meeting embodied. Tonight we want to see garments in new color combinations, shapes, and forms.


Bizarre OTA


AI is designing the new world and is coming up with designs that no human could have ever thought of. Show us your AI fantasy embodying both the designer and the design.


Fashion Killah OTA 


Clothes are not what they used to be. After the revolution we will become more one with nature: Take inspiration from the natural elements and let your effect show us that nature can be fashionable!




Couple’s Realness (Transman/Butch & FQ/Drags) – 1 trophy


You are the last heterosexual couple in the world, and you are trying to uphold the old world’s conservative values, where the woman wears pink and stays at home and the man wears blue and brings home the bread and butter. So come show up and out and let’s see your straight fantasy to the T!


BQ Realness – 1 trophy


In the new world straight men are the ones doing the shopping, the cleaning and taking care of the babies. Come show us your day to day duties.


Cister Realness – 1 trophy


The straight women are the new world’s artisans, femme-ing up the field of craftwomanship. Remember to bring your tool of choosing.


Beauty, Body, and Sex


FF Sex Siren – 1 trophy 


Humans have figured out how to live under water, making them wet, dripping and slippery all the time. Tonight come as a water human selling us your wettest fantasy (literally)


MF Sex Siren – 1 trophy


Man meets machine. In the new world some humans have started relationships with robots and made cyborgs. Other cyborgs have been built to give new life to the revolution’s sexy heroes. Tonight show us that CYBORG=new sexy


MF Face (BQ vs Transman vs Butch) – 4 trophies


FF Face (FQ vs Drags vs CisWoman) – 4 trophies


NB Face – 1 trophy


The highest power of all in the new world are the truth-tellers! With piercing eyes and a face worth of an oracle they see through the past, present and future. What do you see?


MF body – 1 trophy


FF Body – 1 trophy


Alexa and Siri are not just voices anymore but are embodied as shimmery holograms walking around on our streets and hanging out in our homes. We get to design what kind of body our helping hologram is depending on preference. Is it Lucious Sir(i) or Fitness Alex(a). Show us our hologram fantasy.


FF=Female Figure


MF=Male Figure


FQ=FemmeQueen (transwoman)


BQ=ButchQueen (Gay cis man)


NB= Non Binary


RWT=Realness with a twist