October 21

20.00: MPAC (SE) –
Breast in Peace. Performance, clown, circus

22.00: Niki Blomberg (FI) – Concert in the dark.

22.30: Sisus Sirkus (FI) – Split ends. Circus (work in progress).

23.00: DJ lever lådan? (FI).

00.00: DJ Niki (FI).

Get your tits out and dancing feet stamping for the first festival night!


October 22


19.00: I was told about a group of feral horses. Performance (DK/NO).

19.30 – 24.00: Arize Amazons: The Temple of Feral (SE) Performanceinstallation. 

20.00: DebilEmmental – Ternura y chocolate. Experimental Circus (FR/ARG).

21.00: Kunigunda. Concert (SE/NO/DK).

22.00: Karolina Wojtowicz – Rest in. Performance (work in progress)(SE/PL/DK).

22.30: DJ bitchmacannon (DK).

23.30: Muovipussi – Noise juice. Performance Concert (FI)

The friday’s program is offering a wild range of performace for ears, eyes, spirit and soul. Word on the streets are even whispering about the Amazons rising and taking the journey to join the festival. Get cleansed and dirty at the same time.

October 23

THE MYSTIC BALL // by Beck 007
The Ball is back, more info in the acts-section of the website 🙂 <3